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The greatest Muhammad ali

The greatest Muhammad Ali by Walter Dean Myers.The book is about Muhammed Ali takes on Sonny Liston and many others face such as Jerry Quarry and more. Also the book shows how Cassius Marcellus Clay took on fight such as Joe Frazier.The book also shows how they were trash talking about each other and what they did before and after the fight.


This book reminded me other Muhammad ali book that was like another story telling what they was doing during before and after the fight and tell about the other fights he had during his life.A connection with this book to the world is how everyone gets ready for fights in the world.They all have to be ready and prepare.A connection that i made with this book was how i was fighting someone once and we had to round and round until someone fell or gave up.

 I would recommend this book to anyone who like boxing or sport or even Muhammad ali.The reason i recommend this book to anyone who likes sports because it a interesting and enterainting.